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Oxcart Wheel Series  

The Oxcart Wheel Series-- comprised of six limited edition art pieces-- is hand constructed from the wheels of ancient oxcarts.  Oxcarts were used as a primary method of transporting goods and people in olden days.
Using the wheel of an ancient oxcart as a backdrop, each piece showcases a hand carved center of various color stone.  The stone centers feature hand-carved Chinese symbols while the Oxcart wheels are found in Southeast Asia.  The combination of symbol and frame represents the two cultures in Asia existing harmoniously side-by-side.
Each piece in the Oxcart Wheel Series portrays a unique and enduring theme.

wheel Hyacinth : image 1 0f 2 thumb

The Symbolism of “Pi Sia”
wheel Hyacinth : image 2 0f 2 thumb

Old Oxcart Wheel
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